Why You Should Use a Recruiter

Why You Should Use a Recruiter

Why You Should Use a Recruiter

Don’t use a recruiter if you love:


  • Wading through thousands of job vacancies
  • Filling in hundreds of application forms
  • Uploading your CV to every job board you can think of
  • Preparing for interviews alone


Otherwise, read on to see what a recruiter can offer you!


A problem shared and therefore halved


Finding your dream job can be a full-time job in itself.  Luckily, it’s actually someone’s job to do that for you! So why not take advantage of that? Recruiters have access to vacancies relevant to your industry and skillset and sometimes jobs that haven’t been posted to job boards. Don’t miss out on perfect roles because they’re only advertised on company websites!


Inside information


Making sure an organisation is the best fit for you and your career is an important part of your application process. A recruiter has a close relationship with their customer and is best placed to recommend a company that aligns with your values.


Since a recruiter is given a brief from their customers of exactly who the company is looking for to move their business forward, they can also give you some handy tips on what qualities and skills to exemplify in your application and/or interview.


Salary negotiations


Always dread this part of the interview process? Don’t worry, your recruiter can negotiate your salary and other benefits for you! Just let them know your requirements.




It may be that you don’t want to be contacted by recruiters in the middle of your working day. If that’s the case, no problem! Just let your recruiter know the best time to contact you. 


Have a preference of who you’d rather or rather not work for? Again, just explain it to your recruiter.


YourConstruction offers an efficient, effective and enjoyable recruitment service. We operate with a fully digital recruitment model, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into our day to day running of the business to help us provide the most efficient recruitment service to you. You’re not just speaking to another recruiter, you’re dealing with exceptional headhunters who fully understand your requirements – whether that be personality traits, technical skills or industry-related knowledge.

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