How Tech changed Construction during the pandemic…

How Tech changed Construction during the pandemic…

With all of the negative stories you hear about what has happened during the Pandemic, with layoffs, redundancies and business closures. There are some shoots of positivity, which is good to hear.

Construction organisations across the UK have provided detailed accounts of how digital technology has helped them with the unpredictable way the year has panned out.

Since lockdown ensued in  March, almost everyone had adapted to the “new working normal” Utilising technology and video conferencing far more than ever before. For Construction organisations was this something that would take some getting used to ?

In the early stages of Lockdown the digital tools such as Teams, Skype and Zoom were bought in by a number of organisations to manage projects remotely. There was uncertainty as to how to manage projects and having these methods of online communication enabled project teams to continue working together.

As the Lockdown measures decreased and sires began to reopen, the tech now introduced was continuing to be used to reduce foot traffic on site and increase productivity.

Construction organisations are utilising more innovative tech due to the pandemic. Managers can retain information on their smartphones, E signing apps, Managers can sign off permits without having to go back to the site offices with extra bodies.

Other organisations are utilising technology for blueprint drawings. Clients and designers are consistently altering site drawings. If this is fed through via tech then the most recent drawing is always on top and not lost under archives of other drawings in a site cabin.

As an industry it innovates with creative new building designs and futuristic landmarks, hopefully now the pandemic of 2020 will help the industry stop construction falling behind the curve where Tech is concerned. Only time will tell.