Tarv’s First Year at YourConstruction

Tarv’s First Year at YourConstruction

Tarv’s First Year at YourConstruction

Senior Account Manager Tarv has been with us for a whole year! We caught up with him to find out how his first year has been:


  1. How have you found your first year at YourConstruction?


My first year has been monumental. It’s been a great change for me compared to the environment I used to work in, which was quite pressured. The culture here is a lot more supportive and accommodating. I know that after a time we can just pause everything, walk away and come back to it later. I have a lot more personal time to myself and I’ve revalued myself as a result.


2. What was the highlight of your year?


I think for me it’s just that supportive atmosphere that allows us to smash the targets that we have. Liz, Josh and Seon are very encouraging and it makes it easier to love your job and get through everything that you can. Meeting such great people has been the highlight – not in a million years would I have thought I’d be working with such caring people. They were all very welcoming and make you feel like a valued member of the family.


3. What was your biggest challenge?


This last month has been the biggest challenge of the year because we had big offers come in but candidates decided to walk away. It’s very discouraging but it’s the nature of the business; you will always have people saying no to you. Instead of demanding what went wrong though, our directors have understood this and encouraged us to move onwards and upwards.


4. What are you excited to develop/learn?


I’d like to be on the road more often to build relationships in business development. I think it’s really important for people to be able to put a face to the name of the person managing your account.


5. Is it how you expected it to be, working at YourConstruction?


Absolutely! The way Liz, Josh and Seon laid out the role is exactly how it is. Transparency is a vital element of the culture at YCG. If I ever have an issue or suggestion, it’s taken on board and addressed immediately.


6. What advice would you give someone in their first year at a new job?


Just take everything on board. Even if you feel like an idiot for two minutes asking a question you will learn for the long term and that’s more important.


There are always “no”s and setbacks but have the patience and positive outcome to overcome them and you will thrive.

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