Signs a Career as an Information Systems Manager is for You

Signs a Career as an Information Systems Manager is for You

Signs a Career as an Information Systems Manager is for You

An information systems manager is responsible for the computer systems and networks in an organisation. Here are the signs you’d make a good information systems manager:


You have…


  • leadership skills
  • teamwork skills
  • organisational skills.


You want to…


  • research and install new systems and networks
  • implement technology, directing the work of systems and business analysts, developers, support specialists and other computer-related workers
  • evaluate user needs and system functionality, ensuring that IT facilities meet these needs
  • plan and implement the IT budget and gather competitive prices from suppliers to ensure cost-effectiveness
  • organise the purchase of hardware and software
  • schedule upgrades and security backups of hardware and software systems
  • guarantee the smooth running of all IT systems, including anti-virus software, print services and email provision
  • ensure that users adhere to software licensing laws
  • provide secure access to the network for remote users
  • secure data from internal and external attack
  • offer users appropriate support and advice.

You don’t mind…


  • A higher ratio of men to women in this sector


Getting started


Although this career path is open to all graduates, a degree in one of the following subjects may be advantageous:


  •  Information technology
  • Business management with computer science
  • Computer science 
  • Information science
  • Software engineering


Try to gain experience in hardware, operating systems, software and team leadership through relevant work or extracurricular activities. 


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