Signs a Career as an Architect is for You

Signs a Career as an Architect is for You

Signs a Career as an Architect is for You

An architect uses technical knowledge and creativity to design structures according to the requirements of their clients. Here are the signs you’d make a good architect:


You have…


  • creativity and a passion for design
  • good drawing skills
  • analytical skills and attention to detail
  • an interest in buildings and the construction processes
  • excellent communication skills, written and oral
  • organisational skills
  • negotiation skills
  • strong teamwork and leadership skills
  • commercial awareness and business acumen
  • mathematical skills
  • project management skills
  • excellent IT skills, including computer-aided design skills.


You want to…


  • discuss the ideas, objectives, requirements and budget of clients
  • consult with other professionals about design
  • prepare and present feasibility reports and design proposals to the client
  • use computer-aided design software
  • keep within financial budgets and deadlines
  • produce detailed drawings and specifications
  • prepare tender applications and presentations
  • negotiate with contractors and other professionals
  • prepare applications for planning and building control departments
  • draw up tender documents for contracts
  • project manage and help to coordinate the work of contractors
  • carry out regular site visits to check on progress and ensure that the project is running on time and to budget.


You don’t mind…


  • occasional long working hours and weekend work when approaching project deadlines
  • office-based work
  • lower ratio of women to men in the sector.


Getting started


A five-year degree course in architecture supplemented by two years of practical experience  is the most common route into the career but apprenticeships are also possible. You must register with the statutory body, the Architects Registration Board before you may legally market your services as an architect in the UK. It is also common to register with the Royal Institute of British Architects to be recognised as a chartered architect.

Many university courses include an interview in their admission process where candidates are expected to present a portfolio of work.

Summer internships, offered by many architectural firms, are advisable as they provide industry experience and networking opportunities.

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