Signs a Career as a Project Manager is for You

Signs a Career as a Project Manager is for You

Signs a Career as a Project Manager is for You

A Project Manager is responsible for ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget. You will set deadlines, monitor work completed, delegate tasks to your team and consistently communicate with senior managers to update them with progress reports. Here are the signs you’d make a good project manager:


You have…


  • excellent organisation skills
  • strong interpersonal and leadership skills
  • the ability to monitor and control budgets
  • the ability to use your initiative and make decisions under pressure
  • technical knowledge related to the project.


You want to…


  • initiate the project – check feasibility, calculate budgets, and gather teams and resources
  • set goals and objectives, define roles and produce schedules and timelines for tasks – according to the requirements of your client
  • manage the project  to time and budget including coordinating your project team
  • monitor and track the progress of the project
  • identify and manage risks to ensure delivery is on time
  • report regularly to management and the client
  • evaluate the project after completion


You don’t mind…


  • occasionally working outside of office hours to meet deadlines for short-term projects
  • pressured working to meet deadlines and budgets.


Getting started


Project management is open to all graduates but a degree or a Higher National Diploma in business or project management is advantageous. Qualifications of experience in the subject the project concerns, however, such as construction or engineering, are more important. 

Graduate schemes allow you to begin as a junior or assistant project manager to develop experience in managing resources, costs and people. Similarly roles in administration and scheduling or extra curricular activities that afford you similar experience can be useful

You can join a professional body, such as the Association of Project Management or the Project Management Institute to provide you with opportunities to network, keep your skills up to date through training, events, news and publications and point you towards job opportunities.



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