Signs a Career as a Product Manager is for You

Signs a Career as a Product Manager is for You

A Product Manager is responsible for working with manufacturers, business managers and product users to ensure a product is meeting everyone’s needs. Here are the signs you’d make a good product manager:


You have…


  • knowledge of your product’s users and industry
  • flexibility and the ability to collaborate
  • organisational skills and the ability to meet deadlines
  • strong communication skills
  • the ability to analyse data


You want to…


  • take overall responsibility for the success of a product
  • meet regularly with all stakeholders, including product developers, marketing, customer service, finance and company heads
  • collect and analyse user feedback
  • manage one or more budgets
  • plan new features and changes to a product
  • demonstrate new ideas and features to stakeholders
  • create timelines for developing the product
  • implement or support marketing campaigns
  • research competitors and similar products.


You don’t mind…


  • Holding responsibility for a product
  • pressured working to meet deadlines and budgets.


Getting started


Whilst there are no formal qualifications required for this career, holding a degree related to your product’s industry may be advantageous. More important, however, is your experience of commercial success in the industry. Gaining experience in positions of responsibility, whether professionally or voluntarily, will demonstrate your reliability. Work experience placements in the product’s industry will also develop your knowledge and expertise. 


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