Signs a Career as a Maintenance Engineer is for You

Signs a Career as a Maintenance Engineer is for You

A Maintenance Engineer is responsible for the continuous running of equipment and machinery in industrial and/or commercial settings. Working with other professionals, you’ll improve facilities, reduce the incidence of costly breakdowns and develop strategies to improve overall reliability and safety. Here are the signs you’d make a good maintenance engineer:


You have…


  • the capacity to understand a range of engineering functions and procedures
  • the ability to manage budgets
  • teamworking skills to work cooperatively and liaise with people at all levels
  • good diagnostic and problem-solving skills
  • the confidence to work effectively under pressure
  • people-management skills.

You want to…


  • design maintenance strategies and procedures
  • carry out routine maintenance work and respond to equipment faults
  • diagnose breakdown problems
  • fit new parts and ensure equipment is working correctly
  • carry out quality inspections
  • liaise with customers and engineering and production colleagues
  • arrange specialist procurement of fixtures, fittings or components
  • monitor and control maintenance costs
  • improve health and safety policies and procedures
  • work with specialist equipment, such as programmable logic controllers (PLC), which control machinery on factory assembly lines.


You don’t mind…


  • Occasional unsociable hours to coordinate with other professionals
  • Working to a deadline
  • Working in a noisy environment
  • A low ratio of women to men in the field.


Getting started


While a degree in engineering is not essential, an undergraduate qualification in one of the following areas may be advantageous:

  • electrical and electronic engineering
  • manufacturing engineering
  • mechanical engineering
  • production engineering.

Alternative routes into this career include a Higher National Diploma in engineering or manufacturing and apprenticeships.


Work experience is highly valuable in providing you with the relevant skills and knowledge necessary to carry out the job effectively.


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