How to Decide if a Job is Right for You

How to Decide if a Job is Right for You

How to Decide if a Job is Right for You

Deciding on whether to take a job opportunity is one of the biggest decisions we can make and can have a huge impact on almost all the other aspects of our lives. So how do you make that decision? Here are six signs a job is right for you:


  1. The Company ethos & values align with your own


At the very beginning of your application journey, it’s likely that you will be researching the role and the organisation online. If the company ethos and values align with your own, it’s a promising sign that you will enjoy and excel working at the organisation.


2. The job description matches your skills and experience


This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an expert in every point on the jobs description, as theoretically this applies to the job you just left. Ensure there is the correct balance of tasks you have experience and confidence in and exciting opportunities to learn and grow.


3. There’s a great working environment


Is the role remote, hybrid or are you expected to travel to work everyday? Does this meet your requirements and preferences? If the job is not remote, does the commute fit within your lifestyle? These are all things you can easily check before even interviewing for the role.


When at the interview, request to take a tour of the working environment to assess whether it would aid your working style – this includes your future potential colleagues!


4. You get a good impression during the interview


Your interview is the perfect moment to confirm your impressions of the role and the company from your research. Use the time not only to present yourself and your abilities as best you can but also to dig a little deeper into the culture of the organisation and the fine points of the position. Impressed? This might be the role for you.


5. There are advancement opportunities


If you have taken the decision to seek out a new job, it’s likely that advancement is important to you. Are there opportunities within the company to learn and gain more responsibility and recognition or will this role give you the experience necessary to reach the next stage of your career? If not, perhaps it is not the vital stepping stone in your career path you were hoping for.


6. The salary is expected or better


Salary isn’t always necessarily the most important factor in taking a job opportunity but it can sometimes be a good indicator of career progression.  Does the salary reflect your skillset and responsibilities and does it compare to similar roles at other organisations?


If your new job opportunity passes all six of these tests then good luck with your new role! If not, head over to our vacancies page to see what opportunities are waiting for you there!

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