How to Attract Talent to Your Vacancy

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How to Attract Talent to Your Vacancy

Want to move your business forward? It starts with attracting the best talent. The recruitment process is a crucial time, not only for candidates to show off their potential but for you to prove why your company is the best organisation to work for. Here are our top tips on how to sell your company and vacancy to bring in top-quality candidates.


  1. Culture


The culture of your company is one of your biggest selling points. Describing the team dynamic or the management style in your business can confirm to candidates that this is the role for them.


2. Flexibility


Some degree of flexibility, remote or hybrid working is more and more common in a post-pandemic world. Make sure this is clearly advertised in your vacancy or candidates will turn to the many other companies who are offering the same.


3. Advancement


A high-quality hire can do a lot for your business; but what can you do for them? Make sure the answer to this question is made clear throughout the recruitment process. What advancement opportunities would be available, should the candidate be successful?


4. Training


Candidates are going to be asking themselves what value your advertised position can add to their professional development. An offer of purposeful, high-quality training can confirm that this role can give them the expertise not only to comfortably succeed in the job but to also develop in their professional journey.


5. Induction


Similar to offering training, detailing the induction process can set a candidate’s mind at ease that they will be supported in adjusting to their role. Can you perhaps offer a mentor to help with this?


6. Marketing


It’s all well and good having all of these elements mentioned in your vacancy ad but if nobody sees it, is there any point? Making your vacancy advert visually attractive and stimulating will make it noticeable and memorable and attract a wider range of candidates to your door. 


Consulting with a recruitment service can give you access to a further pool of candidates with experience and skill sets relevant to your industry.


YourConstruction offers an efficient, effective and enjoyable recruitment service. We operate with a fully digital recruitment model, integrating artificial intelligence and machine learning into our day to day running of the business to help us provide the most efficient recruitment service to you. You’re not just speaking to another recruiter, you’re dealing with exceptional headhunters who fully understand your requirements – whether that be personality traits, technical skills or industry-related knowledge.

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