6 Interview Questions to Evaluate the Inclusivity of an Organisation

6 Interview Questions to Evaluate the Inclusivity of an Organisation

The interview process is not only a chance for the company to evaluate you and your experience but an opportunity for you to investigate whether you want to work for the company. You will likely ask about, training and support; progression opportunities and management style, but how do you examine how inclusive a company is? Here are six questions to ask your interviewer(s) to evaluate how inclusive an organisation is. Why not ask one or more of them at your next interview?


  • What are your most important values?


This is a general question to find out about a company’s culture and whether inclusivity is integral to that culture. Often, what the company does not say can tell you as much, if not more, than what they do say.


  • Why is diversity important to you as a company?


In order to assess how seriously an organisation takes inclusivity, it’s important to understand why the business values inclusivity. If an interviewer is able to explain the importance and benefits of a diverse work culture, this suggests that inclusivity means more to the company than just a tick-box exercise.


  • What are you doing as an organisation to ensure everyone feels included?


It’s important to value inclusivity but are those values being put into action? Asking this question will hopefully give you an insight into how you will feel the effects of the inclusivity and diversity policies when working at the organisation.


  • What data do you have that shows the level of diversity at the company?


Data doesn’t lie. This question is your opportunity to assess how effective the inclusion and diversity policies are in the business. Most companies should have this data readily available and it’s not an unreasonable thing to ask for.


  • How diverse is the leadership team?


This is another way to investigate whether the organisation’s inclusive ethos is working. This question can also give you an insight specifically into whether progression is available to diverse candidates.


  • Do your recruitment efforts reflect a diverse culture?


Ensuring a diverse workforce begins with recruitment. Does the organisation cast their net widely to attract professionals with a variety of backgrounds, talents and experiences? This can be a key indicator of a company’s commitment to diversity.


Article source: https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/blog/10-interview-questions-to-evaluate-if-a-company-is-really-inclusive/ 

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