6 Achievements to Include in Your CV

6 Achievements to Include in Your CV

6 Achievements to Include in Your CV

Your CV is the first thing a prospective employer will see about you and if they like what they see, it gives them key examples to ask you to elaborate on in an interview. But what should you actually include in your CV? Here are our ideas of what details to shine a light on in your CV:


  1. Any promotions you achieved during previous roles


Show that you’re an ambitious individual with the drive to succeed in an organisation by clarifying any promotions within the same company.


2. The size of the team you managed/worked with


If you were responsible for managing others in a previous role, make this clear on your CV in order to demonstrate your leadership skills.


If you have no managerial experience, you can equally display your teamwork skills by quantifying the number of colleagues you worked with on a project.


3. Improvements you made to company processes that are still used


Another way to exemplify your value to a company is to detail the improvements you actively made to company processes that made things so much more efficient that the company still do things “your way”. This shows your work ethic and the dedication you could direct towards the organisation you are applying to.


4. Problems you solved


Similarly, if you can illustrate how, in a previous role, you resolved issues as they presented themselves, you can show yourself to be a problem solver, an ability valued in every industry.


5. Areas you have become an expert in


Exhibiting your mastery of a particular field demonstrates not only your extensive knowledge in those areas but also your willingness and ability to gain expertise in something when you set your mind to it.


6. Projects you completed early or under-budget


The ability to complete projects within a deadline and budget is essential for any job sector. Make sure you highlight examples of this proudly on your CV.


Article source: https://www.digitalgurus.online/insight/10-achievements-to-include-on-your-cv 

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