5 Signs You’re Being Quiet Fired

5 Signs You’re Being Quiet Fired

In the string of “quiet” employment trends (check out our blog post on What to do Before Quiet Quitting), next up is “quiet firing”. Quiet firing describes the strategy of forcing an employee out of an organisation by employing a variety of methods to encourage them to voluntarily leave a position. Employers may use these tactics to avoid the administrative, financial or legal trouble of firing someone. So how do you know if this is being done to you? Here are five signs you’re being quiet fired:


  • False promotion promises


Have you been promised a promotion that never comes? Perhaps this promotion hinges on unachievable targets. If your colleagues are moving onwards and upwards around you while you are left behind, it may be a sign that your line manager has no intention of progressing your career and it might be time to take action.


  • Rejected raise


Similarly, a reluctance to raise your salary can be another way of encouraging you to leave a position. This may be explained away by you not taking on enough responsibilities that were never accessible to you in the first place.


  • Passed over for projects


If you are not trusted with projects that will expand your experience or if you are assigned tasks that are misaligned with your job description, your career’s trajectory will begin to halt and you will likely consider other opportunities. This can be a sign of quiet firing. If your colleagues are disproportionately given more responsibilities than you, consult our blog post What To Do If You’re Being Quiet Fired.


  • Overworked


In extreme cases, employers may try to force you out of your role by making your workload difficult to manage. This could include piling on extra tasks or unnecessary meetings that can make your job gruelling to persist with. Not only is this damaging to your career but more importantly, your mental health could be detrimentally affected.


  • Underworked


Equally, being underworked can be just as difficult a quiet firing strategy to experience. This may involve being tasked with dull assignments that don’t match your skills and experience and that can quite literally bore you out of a job.


Think you’re being quiet fired? Find out what you should do with our blog post What To Do If You’re Being Quiet Fired.


Article source: https://news.sky.com/story/the-growing-trend-of-quiet-quitting-and-whether-you-should-worry-about-being-quiet-fired-12735833

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